ArtesMechanicae deals with the study of history of science and technology with an interdisciplinary approach, using a variety of sources, a wide set of instruments and ever involving the largest possible number of different skills. Researches conducted this way lead to the publication of articles, essays and books and, besides to always receive a lot of attention from academic circles, are capable of arousing considerable interest in the general public.

  • 1672 Divini microscope replica

    1672 Divini microscope replica


    Commissioned by the University of Padua, the research team Artesmechanicae has created a replica of the compound microscope by Eustachio Divini, built, as engraved on the brass tripod, in 1672. The original instrument, today the only known existing microscope of this type, is part of the collection of the Physics' History Museum of the University of Padua. 

  • A dagger with insigna of Francis I Valois-Angouleme

    A dagger with insigna of Francis I Valois-Angouleme


    The type of dagger is said ‘a rondelle’ (roundel dagger) because of the kind of guard of the grip (simple roundels to protect, little by little, the hand, without protruding elements such as crossguards) and was very popular in the German areas, in the Flanders and partly in France between the XV and the beginning of the XVI century.