Cable-stayed Crane

From Leonardo da Vinci, Codex Atlanticus, f. 138r.


Construction, loading and unloading materials.

Winch with a geared power-reducer system.

Elevator originating from Vitruvius used often in ancient times for its operational versatility. The cone-like bottom and the base with wheel enable the machine to move and rotate easily. The cable supporting the top of the crane enables the mount to tilt.

Interpretative Issues
Dimensions: Considering that the lower handle was to be moved manually, this could have been a lever arm that when turning covered a circumference of about one meter in width. If we consider the design realized to scale, then, we must imagine the machine about ten meters tall.
Reconstruction: the cart as Leonardo drew it appears to need a guide. The pinion is depicted too small and would not be able to correctly gear in the teeth of the larger wheel.


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