Machine with Swiveling Platform

From Leonardo da Vinci, Madrid Codex II, f. 154r.


Lift for transporting and placing the casting mold of the Sforza horse in the casting pit.


Structure in triangular sections with a swiveling wall, supported and moved due to a pull system with a series of five pulleys and a winch. The machine has two wheels.

Interpretive issues
Dimensions: the machine was designed for moving the casting mold of the Sforza horse that was about 7,20 meters in height. Based on the data we can determine the base as about 8 meters by 6 with a height of about 8 meters.
Reconstruction: the structure’s slanted support crossbeams do not make room for the rope to pass. The problem can be resolved by mounting the winch inside the structure and tightening the pulleys in order for the ropes to come out the upper opening of the crossbar.


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